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My Buddy!

This good looking girl is my wife, and the mother of my beautiful daughter! Yahoo!


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[bullet] Along the sandy shore I walk, In the distance I see the figure of a man, As I grow closer he becomes more vivid, A man of grace he is, Strong and classic features, Confident and sure, Content with life it seems... I see a memory begin to emerge, Inside my mind; Someone that I knew, Someone just like this man... He walked along the shore, By my side... I can still feel his presence, And my heart knows, That he is there... In mind and spirit, If not in body... And his heart...alongside mine, Will grow, Forever............Author Unknown

[bullet] It isn't too often

When someone I meet,

Causes my heart

To skip a beat.

This is what happened

I tell you no lies,

When for the first time

I looked in your eyes.

Sometimes I act strange

I'll tell you why I do:

Cause I get so nervous

Around someone as beautiful as you.

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April 12, 1997

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The Groom:Justin

Our residence!