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The Type 1A "PRO SERIES" is a rugged new model from Little Giant, and it's a fantastic ladder! The Black Pro is similar to the Classic ladder, but with added features and a new rugged industrial look. The "Pro Series" Little Giant Ladder is only sold by a few select dealers hand picked by Little Giant; dealers that are geared towards the Industrial customer and have a high customer satisfaction rating. Because Pro Ladder is one of these lucky dealers, we are proud to be able to offer you this fantastic new ladder!

High Impact Rung Guards

High Impact Rung Guards

Little Giant Pro Series weld

Double Pass Welds


Individually Serialized

Black Anodized Armor

Black Anodized Armor

Meets OSHA & ANSI standards

Meets OSHA & ANSI standards

The main unique feature of the Pro Series Ladder is the black anodized armor coating on the ladder. This durable and oxidization resistant coating gives the ladder a distinguished, rugged look, and it also keeps ones hands much cleaner. After using a regular aluminum ladder for a while, you will notice that black aluminum oxide rubs off on your hands. The black anodized armor will help prevent this and keeps your hands much cleaner. Also, the welds are exposed on this ladder, and buffed to bare aluminum to showcase the high quality double pass Little Giant welds. (The competition uses skimpy single pass welds). Each ladder also comes with its own serial number stamped onto the ladder -- great for inventory tracking and theft deterrent. The "PRO SERIES" Little Giant Ladder meets the OSHA Type 1A 300lb, Extra Heavy Duty Rating for ladders.

Little Giant Pro Series Ladder 17

The Triple-Lock Hinge comes standard on the PRO SERIES. The Triple-Lock Hinge is the newest hinge introduced by Little Giant. It takes the standard extra heavy duty hinge used on the Type 1AA Little Giant Ladder, and adds nylon orange plates (the 3rd lock), that prevents the hinge from collapsing if the 2 main locks are not engaged. While this would be unlikely, it is an added protection and a big selling point on the infomercial. The hinges are approximately 50% thicker than the Type 1 Little Giant Ladders, for greater rigidity and higher weight loads.

Little Giant Ladder Pro Series

Little Giant Pro Series

(shown here without wheels, but comes with wheels installed!)

Little Giant Ladder Pro Series

Little Giant Pro Series

Little Giant Ladder Pro Series

Little Giant Pro Series

The Little Giant PRO SERIES comes with Tip n Glide wheels and Triple Lock Hinge! (shown here on the Type 1A "Original" model)
Type 1A Little Giant Ladder Type 1A Little Giant Ladder Type 1A Little Giant Ladder

Yes, the Type 1A "PRO SERIES" Little Giant is engineered to be a rugged ladder; built for incredible durability and maximum weight limits. Expect this to be one tough ladder, designed for years of dependable service. The Type 1A "PRO SERIES" is an excellent choice for heavy industrial use, household use, or for the demanding person seeking a rock solid versatile ladder. It comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Most orders are shipped out within 24 hours after receipt of order. Free shipping in the continental US. Remember, each Pro Series Little Giant Ladder comes with the Triple-Lock Hinge, Tip n Glide Wheels, DVD, AND it's shipped FREE FREIGHT anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Little Giant Pro Series Ladder 17
Little Giant Pro Model 17

Little Giant Pro Series Ladder 22
Little Giant Pro Model 22

Little Giant Pro Series Ladder 26
Little Giant Pro Model 26

Little Giant Ladder, Pro Series, Aluminum OSHA Type 1A 300lb Rated NEW LITTLE GIANT PRO SERIES
Little Giant Pro Series, brand new model, black anodized aluminum, rugged look, the "bad boy" Little Giant Ladder!
Pro Construction Grade - Lifetime Warranty - Tip n Glide Wheels - Tri-Lock Hinge -
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Model Storage
Wheels? In
102BP Model 17

103BP Model 22

126BP Model 26


9' - 15'

11' - 19'

13' - 23'
4' - 7'

5' - 9'

6' - 11'












Type 1A Little Giant Ladder

Little Giant Pro Series Plank
Little Giant PRO SERIES Plank (shown with Model 22 Pro ladder)

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