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To send a digital postcard: Go to our Create an electronic postcard page, where you can choose to send a postcard with a variety of different pictures and sounds. Follow the step by step instructions, and then send it. Your friends or family will receive an email notice that the postcard is waiting for them to pick it up.

To pick up a digital postcard: Make sure you have your claim check number handy to Pick Up your postcard. To avoid mistakes, it is wise to cut and paste your claim check number.

Pro Ladder's Digital PostcardWe hope you enjoy this free service we offer, and we hope you will return often. Digital Postcards are only kept for 2 weeks, and then are automatically deleted. Please make sure you are using a modern browser. There are a multitude of browsers out there, most have deficiencies of some sort. Netscape 2.0 and later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 have shown to be the best suited browsers for using our Digital Postcard.

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