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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1: How long has Pro Ladder Supply been in business?

A: We started our company in 1989 with 2 employees and have since grown to 8 employees. We were the first company on the Internet back in 1995 to market the Little Giant Ladder.

Q #2: Do you sell other types and brands of ladders?

A: We do sell Louisville ladders, Werner ladders and Xtend+Climb ladders and also specialty type ladders. However, we don't sell Vulcan ladders, Gorilla ladders, or Cosco ladders. You may contact us at for more information on other types of ladders. However, Little Giant Ladders are our main ladder line, and make up the vast majority of our sales. Little Giant Ladders are sometimes known as "Wing Ladders" because they are made by Wing Enterprises. We KNOW our Little Giants. You see, Little Giant Ladders are not a sideline item that we sell, they are our main ladder line. We are the Little Giant Ladder specialists! In fact, all we sell are ladders and ladder accessories, so let the ladder experts at Pro Ladder help you.

Q #3: Do you only market Little Giant Ladders through the Internet?

A: No. We also sell ladders directly from our store/warehouse, and we also market them at Home & Garden Shows and fairs. They have also been shown on TV through infomercials. However, it is not always feasible for people across the country and around the world to buy a ladder these ways, so we offer ladders via the Internet as a service to our customers.

Q #4: I can't decide on which size ladder I need. What size do you recommend?

A: It is difficult to recommend a particular size because everyone has different needs. Look over the following size comparisons and you should get a good idea which ladder might work out best for you. If you're still not sure which size you should get, remember that it is better to overestimate your ladder height needs, because you can always shorten a longer ladder if you need to. The same can't be said of a ladder which is too short. 99% of all ladders which are returned to us are to exchange for the next bigger size. Don't let this happen to you.

Q #5: Why is the Model 17 only 15 feet high in the extension position?

A: This is how OSHA classifies all extension ladders, and is common among all brands of ladders. They take a measurement of all the ladder sections laid end to end, and classify the ladder as that height of extension ladder. So, a typical 24 foot extension ladder really isn't 24 measured feet high, but rather the length of the combined ladder sections. When you take into account the necessary overlap of each adjacent ladder section, you lose some of the ladder height. There are other criteria involved in designating the model height of a particular ladder, but basically this is how OSHA has established a standard in labeling extension ladders. More information can be found at OSHA's website. For more in-depth information about Little Giant Ladder specifications, just check out our specification page.

Q #6: What are the differences between the Type 1AA, Type 1A "Original", Type 1a Titan, Type I, and the Type II?

A: The Type 1AA is the top of the line model in the Little Giant Ladder lineup, introduced in the fall of 2001. It meets the new OSHA 375lb, Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Rating for ladders. Based on the original Type 1A Little Giant, the Type 1AA uses thicker gauge aluminum and extra bracing to achieve the increased workload capacity. This is an incredibly tough ladder! The Type 1AA is an excellent choice for heavy duty industrial use, construction work, or for the demanding homeowner seeking an incredibly tough ladder. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty (6 year warranty for ladders purchased prior to 2005). Type 1AA ladders make up approximately 2% of Little Giant Ladder sales.

The Type 1A Little Giant Ladder has been in production since 1972. It meets the OSHA Type 1A 300lb, Extra Heavy Duty Rating for ladders. The Type 1A is engineered to be a rugged ladder; built for incredible durability and maximum weight limits. Expect this to be one tough ladder, designed for years of dependable service. The hinges are almost 50% thicker than the Type 1a Titan, the Type I, and the Type II hinges, for greater rigidity and higher weight loads. The Type 1A is an excellent choice for heavy commercial use, household use, or for the demanding person seeking a rock solid versatile ladder. Also available in the PRO SERIES. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty (5 year warranty for ladders purchased prior to 2004). Type 1A ladders make up approximately 88% of Little Giant Ladder sales. Type 1A ladders are by far our best seller! You WON'T be disappointed with these ladders!

The Type 1a Titan Little Giant Ladder was introduced in January 2004, however because it competed directly with the Original 1A Little Giant Ladder it was phased out within a few months. The Type 1a Titan meets the OSHA 300lb Duty Rating for ladders. Based on the medium duty Type I, the Type 1a Titan incorporates extra enhancements such as upgraded hinge plates to meet the 300lb rating. The Type 1a Titan and the Type I are very similar ladders, sharing approximately 95% of the same parts and material. The Type 1a Titan is an excellent choice for light commercial or household use. It came with a 4 year warranty. Due to being discontinued, Type 1a Titan ladders make up 0% of Little Giant Ladder sales.

The Type 1 Little Giant Ladder is the medium duty model, introduced in the fall of 2001. The Type I meets the OSHA 250lb Duty Rating for ladders. Originally based on the light duty Type II, it incorporates extra enhancements such as upgraded Lock Tab assemblies and extra riviting to meet the 250lb rating. The Type I is an excellent choice for light commercial or household use. All ladders sold from 2005-2006 came with a 5 year warranty. (All previous models came with a 4 year warranty.) Since 2007 all Type 1 ladders come with a Lifetime Warranty. Type I ladders make up approximately 10% of Little Giant Ladder sales.

The Type II Little Giant Ladder is the lightest duty Little Giant Ladder. Introduced in 1986, the Type II meets the OSHA 225lb Duty Rating for ladders. This ladder has been discontinued, however we have replacements parts still available. The Type II is an excellent choice for light commercial or light household use, and came with a 3 year warranty. The Type II Little Giant is the "yellow" ladder, using yellow labels, yellow rung caps, and yellow palm buttons on the hinge. Due to being discontinued, Type II ladders make up 0% of Little Giant Ladder sales.

Which one should I get? It depends on the needs of the person using the ladder. If strength, ruggedness, and durability at a reasonable price are the major factors in purchasing a ladder, then the Type 1AA or Type 1A should be the ladder of choice. If lower cost or the weight of the ladder are the major factors in purchasing a ladder, then the Type I would be a good choice. Over the years we have received a great deal of customer feedback from people who have bought and used the ladders, and also from our numerous shows and fairs where we have had thousands and thousands of customers compare the ladders side by side, inspecting and operating the locking mechanisms and hinges, as well as climbing all over the ladders, and most people tend to come to the same decision..............that the Type 1A is the best value, hands down! The 1A Little Giant Ladder is simply the most popular customer choice, and it receives more positive feedback than any other Little Giant Ladder. This is why we "Highly Recommend" it. The Type 1AA would come in a close second, only because the average person might consider it "overkill" for their ladder needs. The third choice would be the Type 1, but it really depends on a persons specific needs. But which ever ladder you choose, you can be assured you will receive the highest quality, most versatile ladder on the market today, the Little Giant Ladder!

Q #7: Do you have a DVD video of the Little Giant Ladder?

A: Yes. A free Interactive DVD is included with most ladder orders. The DVD is very informative and quite interesting, and covers the basics on the proper operation of the Little Giant Ladder. It also shows the unique positions the ladder may be placed in, and includes a brief showing of our entire product line. If purchased separately, it's $9.95.

Q #8: How competitive are your prices?

A: Our prices are VERY competitive. In fact, we guarantee to have the lowest prices around. (Guaranteed lowest price may not include free freight) If by chance you find a lower price elsewhere, just let us know and we will BEAT that price.....guaranteed! We will NOT be undersold. Contact us for quantity discounts. And remember, your ladder order includes a free Interactive DVD, no sales tax on orders outside of Idaho, and free freight in the continental United States. What a deal!

Q #9: How do I place an order?

A: Just click on the "Buy Now" button next to each item, or you may phone/fax your order in. Our toll-free phone # is 800-735-8281. Our direct line is 208-234-0543. Our fax # is 208-523-3377. Our hours are 8-5, M-F Mountain Time.

Q #10: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Personal/Company Checks, or Money Orders. Purchase orders accepted from Government, Educational, and Fortune 500 companies. You may fax or snail mail your PO to us.

Q #11: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: We have an enormous inventory of ladders, planks, and accessories, and we ship most credit card and paypal orders within 24 hours. If paying by check or money order, we ship after it has cleared the bank. We generally have sufficient stock on all different sizes and models of ladders. Even with shipping time, it rarely takes more than a week or so to receive your order, even to the east or west coast. Please note: Your order may be sent in multiple shipments resulting in multiple delivery dates. If you have received a partial shipment, 99% of the time you will receive the rest of your order within a day or two afterwards.

Q #12: What about shipping charges?

A: All of our products are shipped free freight in the Lower 48 US States. We offer discounted shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, (usually between between $120 - $190 extra freight to AK and HI depending on the size of ladder and the final destination). Contact us at for more information on our discounted freight charges outside the 48 US States and internationally.
Other Countries: All sales taxes and duties are the responsibility of the purchaser. These charges differ from country to country, and are usually due upon arrival of the shipment within the country. In most cases, the shipping company will contact you when your shipment arrives.

If you need your ladder air freighted to you either Next Day, 2nd Day, or 3rd Day, please contact us for additional freight charges.

Freight charges tend to be very expensive if the ladder needs to be returned, so be sure of which model you need before you place your order.

Q #13: How are the ladders shipped?

A: All our Little Giant products, including ladders, are shipped in corrugated boxes to help protect the contents during transit. All ladders, accessories, and planks are shipped fully assembled, with the exception of the Wall Standoff and Leg Leveler, which requires minimal assembly. Included with each ladder is an owners manual, which includes important information regarding the proper usage of your ladder. Also included is a warranty card (or special website link) which can be filled out to activate the warranty. Each ladder has been personally inspected at the factory to ensure the highest quality. All ladders and accessories are shipped via FedEx Ground, except for the largest models which are shipped via truck. Orders may be sent in multiple shipments resulting in multiple delivery dates. We only ship brand new ladders; no seconds, returns, or scratch & dents. The ladder we ship you is a factory new ladder packed in it's original box. But if you are interested in purchasing a second/return for a few extra dollars off, contact us for current availability.

Q #14: What about sales tax?

A: Idaho residents add 6% sales tax.

Q #15: What type of warranty does each ladder have?

A: Type 1AA Little Giant Ladders have a Lifetime Warranty (6 year warranty on ladders purchased prior to 2005). Type 1A "Original" Little Giant Ladders also have a Lifetime Warranty (5 year warranty on ladders purchased prior to 2004). MXZ ladders have a 5 year warranty. Type 1a Titan ladders have a 4 year warranty. Type 1 ladders have a Lifetime Warranty (4 year warranty on ladders purchased in 2004 and earlier, 5 year warranty on ladders purchased from 2005-2006). Type II Little Giant Ladders carry a 3 year warranty. Fiberglass, Ultra Step, and Little Jumbo Stepladders each carry a 1 year warranty, as do all planks and ladder accessories. Each ladder is shipped with an owners manual with a warranty card (or website link) which activates the warranty once submitted.

Q #16: What is your return policy?

A: We have a 30 day money-back guarantee on our products which are returned in resalable condition. If not returned in resalable condition, a restocking fee of up to 35% will be charged, depending on the condition of the ladder. The condition of the ladder will be determined by a representative of Pro Ladder upon receiving the ladder.

Returning a ladder for a refund: If returning an item for a refund, the return freight charge will be paid by the customer, which is industry standard, and a restocking fee of 25% will be applied to the returned ladder. Freight charges tend to be very expensive, (approximately $30-$80 for FedEx Ground ladders each way, and $100-$195 truck each way, depending on the size of ladder and the final destination) so be sure you know what you are getting, and the correct size you need. Returning a ladder can be a little spendy.

Exchanging for a different size: If returning a ladder to exchange for a different size, the return freight charge will be paid by the customer, and a restocking fee of 15% will be applied to the returned ladder. Once the returned ladder is received the replacement ladder will be shipped out Free Freight. Orders which are cancelled after it has shipped or shipments which are refused by the customer are subject to freight charges being added as well as restocking fees of 25%. Approximately 95% of all ladders which are returned to us are to exchange for the next bigger size. The Model 13's are the most common returned size. As stated earlier, freight charges tend to be very expensive if the ladder needs to be returned. If returning a ladder, a return authorization number is required, or it will not be accepted. A return authorization number may be obtained by calling or emailing us. The credit amount for the refund will be paid by check, or if the purchase was made by a credit card, the credit card will be credited, less any restocking fees. It is recommended you keep the box the ladder was shipped in, in case you need to return it.

Q #17: Do you offer quantity discounts?

A: Yes. Email or call us with the quantity and sizes of ladders you will need and we will work out a price for you.

Q #18: What does it take to become a dealer?

A: Becoming a dealer requires a minimum $3000 initial prepaid order, and offers a substantial discount on ladders. Email us for more information.

Q #19: What if I need replacement parts for my Little Giant Ladder?

A: We stock all genuine replacement parts for Little Giant Ladders, and can get you the exact part you need to service your ladder. We can also repair your Little Giant Ladder in our repair shop. Email us and we will mail you a replacement parts list, or check out our online parts list. All parts orders $40 and above have free shipping in the continental US.

Q #20: Explain the "Buy 1, Get 33 Free!" thing.

A: This is an interesting way to look at the versatility of the Little Giant Ladder. When you buy a typical ladder, you are only getting "one" ladder. When you buy a Little Giant Ladder, it's like getting 33 extra ones to go along with it!

Q #21: Do you have a links page?

A: Sure. Just go here. You have the opportunity to add a link to your own website, or check out our Guestbook.

Q #22: What is the difference between the Triple-Lock Hinge and the standard Heavy Duty Hinge?

A: The Triple-Lock Hinge is a new hinge introduced by Little Giant. It takes the standard Extra Heavy Duty Hinge used on the Type 1AA Little Giant Ladder, and adds orange nylon plates (the 3rd lock), that prevents the hinge from collapsing if the 2 main locks are not engaged. While this would be unlikely, it is an added protection and a big selling point on the infomercial. While the Triple-Lock Hinge is equal in strength to the standard Extra Heavy Duty Hinge, having that 3rd lock is important for many people. Since Little Giant started in business, they have designed their hinges to be the STRONGEST part of the ladder! For OSHA testing purposes, they are required to test a ladder until it fails, and Little Giant is proud of the fact that their hinges have NEVER failed first during their tests... it has always been some other part of the ladder which failed first. This is not true of the competition -- Little Giant has actually tested the competitor ladders and many of their hinges have failed first, because they use cheap hinges with flimsy components that aren't designed to last for years of dependable service like a Little Giant hinge is. Also, if you end up buying one of the cheap imitation copies, good luck finding replacement parts when the hinges, locks, or feet ever wear out! These cheap ladders aren't designed to be repaired or have parts replaced; you just throw them away and buy a new one.

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